The recent event of haze

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With the arrival of autumn and winter, some areas of the northeast, north and south of China hit by fog and haze again. The face of lingering haze shadows , many people send this question from the perspective of climate change : if the multiple haze are related with global warming ?
    Shocking figures show the grim situation of the haze pollution: According to the China Meteorological Administration and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences jointly issued the " Green Paper on Climate Change : Addressing Climate Change Report ( 2013 ) " , since the 1980s , foggy days tended to decrease , while the haze days showed an increasing trend in the central and eastern regions of china , especially in 2011 and 2012, the haze days has exceeded the number of foggy days . In most areas of the eastern haze date is 25-100 days every year, in some areas more than 100 days .
    Green Paper point out the main reason of China’s fog and haze is the increase of atmospheric emissions of fossil energy consumption increased every year. The main source of these pollution are discharged from thermal power , especially the production of heavy chemical industry , vehicle exhaust , heating in winter , living , as well as ground dust. In addition , photochemical product of human activities , local cooking, car exhaust and other volatile organic compounds resulting from the conversion of secondary organic aerosols, will make frequent haze situation arising .
    Thus, despite the weather conditions have a significant impact on the generation of fog and haze , but as China Meteorological Administration and Public Services and Emergency Disaster Mitigation Division’s Zhenlin Chen said, " weather conditions are ' accomplice ', air pollution is the ' main culprits ' ."
    In June, President Barack Obama on stage at Georgetown University's award was announced a detailed "Climate Action Plan " , which is the first cross-sectoral national plans in the United States to  aim at solving climate change.
    In the most prominent measures, including requiring power plants to reduce carbon pollution. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced the provisions for new power plants in September, and expected will be the introduction of standards for existing plants before June 2014. Emission power generation industry is one of the biggest challenges in America, if the implementation of the new regulations in place, the United States will be expected to deliver on their commitment of greenhouse gas emissions by 17% by 2020 compared with 2005.
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