Door to door gym services

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I .Introduction
     With the improvement of living standards and healthy living concept deeply rooted among the people for more and more health concerns. According to some scientific reports show that the proportion of health groups along with working, living, learning pressure increases. With the popular fitness conscious people fitness changes in consumer attitudes, social variety of fitness clubs mushroomed to appear. But most health clubs are required to go to a specific place, for less time crowd, go to the fitness club need to spend a lot of time, and no personalized fitness services, more and more people like the "private custom" their way to fitness , home fitness has become more and more people's needs.
II   market trends
    In recent years the scourge on the earth constantly, no matter which season, may appear rare natural disasters, such as rising temperatures in summer, winter, snow, ice storm ....... Because of this, more people are now willing to stay home, go out less, against the cold in winter, summer, sun, fitness program also will be wasted repeatedly been stranded. In addition, with the development of society, people's leisure time has become more flexibility and freedom. Therefore, many people do a fitness card, but not on time and according to plan to go to the gym to exercise; there are many children, with dance talent, but because introverted personality, not suited to large group lesson, but in the process of learning to dance , the character becomes depressed ....... In these cases, according to the actual needs of customers tailored fitness programs for their home, one to one fitness purposes according to the customer's guidance, has become a high-end fitness market trends.
III. In response to the crowd
Sitting still less dynamic lifestyle of the population
Need to lose weight, body sculpting, increase muscle crowd
Sports enthusiasts, want to improve your athletic performance
IV The service content
Health needs assessment - based on the customer's fitness needs and living conditions survey to understand customer situation.
(2) Physical Assessment - Test Client muscle strength, cardio, flexibility and balance, physical condition
(3) Designated fitness mentoring program - based on the assessment results and physical fitness needs of design personalized fitness program
(4) Site fitness instructors - the customer's fitness process supervision and guidance. To avoid dangerous health action, so fitness efficient and safe.
(5)Periodic fitness evaluation and a return visit - regular physical clients to assess the situation, summed progressive place, to correct deficiencies.
V. Service Form
(1) Onsite Service:
According to the customer's situation, home health services for the customer to do: (service location can be: fitness centers, companies, families, communities, parks)
① fitness club: If you have carried out in the fitness club fitness, personal trainer where customers can follow to guide the teaching fitness club.
② Company Fitness: If the customer's company has fitness venues, you can go to the company teaching.
③ Family: If customers want to choose the exercise carried out in the home, we can go to the family teaching, and provides all the necessary fitness equipment.
(2) If the customer does not fitness venues, but also looking for a professional gym, then we can help our customers find the right health club for fitness guidance.
VI. Charge
Implementation of flexible charges, according to the fame and personal trainer courses and professors in different ways, the fees charged are not the same. Mainly divided into members and non-members fees, membership fees charged according to the actual situation 1500-15000 yuan / month, non-members by the hour,50-300 yuan / hour.
VII  Service Hours
Daily 9:00-21:00
VIII  Team management and project analysis
Formation of the club is generally divided into hardware (renovation, equipment purchase), software (refer to personnel, especially key management personnel, teaching staff formation), software construction management team is a major part of the club, is the enterprise (the club) the key to success, which is the general manager, finance candidates and teaching of management team should be as reflected professionalism, dedication, unity
(1) General. Its main job is to:
① annually submit an annual budget and an annual operating plan, approved by decision-makers to pay.
② establish management agencies, selection, training, appointment of managers of various departments.
③ should establish a management system based on the club, organization and leadership of the club's daily operation and management activities.
(2) Coaching Team
Coach coaching team refers to equipment, equipment services and other various projects coaches, high-quality teaching force is to ensure the development of home health service operations, member services, membership renewal key advantage while teaching is to ensure that the club is undoubtedly the core competitiveness of key factors world. The number of coaches is 10 people, divided into physical, fitness, yoga, health consultant, fitness and so on.
IX .Equipment
Purchase of fitness related equipment, the cost of the budget of 20 million
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